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Christ Renews His Parish

A Renewal Experience for St. Michael Parish

Women's Weekend #31: April 18 and 19, 2015
Women's CRHP Coordinator: Christine Jaeger

Men's Weekend #31: April 25 and 26, 2015
Men's CRHP Coordinator: Ken Feldt

What exactly is Christ Renews His Parish ?  


Christ Renews His Parish, also known as CRHP, is simply a retreat, put on by parishioners (men for men and women for women) who together come to better understand the extraordinary grace of our Lord.
CRHP is a parish renewal process that has existed since 1969 and has been used as the primary instrument of personal and parish renewal in over 1,000 parishes nationwide. Over the last 40 years, thousands of women and men have participated in a Christ Renews His Parish renewal weekends at their parish.

What is a Christ Renews His Parish Retreat?

It a weekend that allows God's voice to be heard through the many distractions that compete for our attention each day.
It is a time to relax, pray, and rethink priorities.
It is a time to get to know others in the parish and grow as a community.
It is a weekend of reflection and sharing of spiritual and real life issues.

What Christ Renews His Parish Retreat Is NOT: 

It's not a silent retreat, yet there are periods of quiet reflection and prayer.
It's not a solitary retreat, your participation makes the retreat a spiritual one for you and the other participants.
It's not a parish organization, fraternity/ sorority, or clique.
It's not a a public confession.  You will not be required to speak in front of a group, unless you want to.
It's not what you expect it to be.

What Happens During the Weekend?

Come prepared to have fun and renew your heart.   You will hear other parishioners share real-life examples of how they have found meaning, hope, peace and the love of Christ in their lives. 
You'll be free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable. You and your needs will always be respected. The sharing dialogue is stimulated in a very liturgical, scriptural, and prayerful atmosphere.

Sacraments are part of the weekend. Liturgy is celebrated for participants, and reconciliation is offered.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone over 19 years old is invited and encouraged to attend a weekend. CRHP is for anyone seeking spiritual renewal, desiring to build up the body of Christ, or wanting to gain a deeper sense of purpose. 

The Specifics

The weekends will be held at St. Michael, with overnight accommodations at a local hotel, and will begin Saturday morning and end late Sunday afternoon. Men's and women's weekends will be held separately.

There is not a fee to attend the retreat.  However, we do ask for donations to help defray the cost of the weekend (hotel, meals, snacks, materials etc.).  The suggested donation is $55 and is based on 2 persons sharing a room. Other sleeping arrangements are available; please inquire. CRHP is available to everyone, so please give what you can.  

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