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Parish Survey Results

The Parish Community Life Survey and Youth Survey provided valuable information that we want to share.


2011 Parish Community Life Survey

What we do well according to our Parishioners:

·         CHRP (Christ Renews His Parish)

·         Individual and family member sacraments

·         Our liturgies here at St. Michael Church 

What we can improve upon according to our Parishioners:

·         Communications

·         Youth involvement

·         Mass- Homilies

·         Faith formation 

Complete Report of Results 

Parish Survey 

Next steps include

Our Priests, staff, councils and ministries work hard to meet the needs of our parish. We believe that Community Life is a critical part to being present to each other and we continue to strive to do this well. Your input is valuable to us.  If at any time you want to share an idea do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council at parishcouncil@saint-mikes.org. We continue to be committed to serving you.

The Parish Council, Fr. Dan and his staff are gathering more information on the themes in the Theme Report so improvements can be made. We will keep you informed. 

2011 Youth Community Life Survey

What we do well according to our Youth:

  • Opportunities for Fellowship that involve FOOD!
  • First Communion
  • Opportunities for Service
  • vacation bible school attending and volunteering 

What we can improve upon according to our Youth:

  • The length of  Mass
  • More church wide activities
  • For EDGE—re-evaluation small group vs. large group gatherings
  • Youth Groups:  more Youth Music, less lecture, volunteer opportunities, communication, more social opportunities 

Complete Report of Results

Youth Survey  

Next steps include

Youth ministry/formation is always striving to serve the needs of the youth.  We will continue to evaluate on a regular basis to ensure that needs are being met.

Youth ministry is exploring creative additions to the current formation program.  Life Teen band is being explored.  

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