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  • Our Mission: 
    To be the presence of Christ…
    In Welcoming
    In Service
    In Worship
    In Compassion
    In Faith Sharing
    In Fellowship
    To be the Light of the World!

  •  Mass Times

    • Sat: 5:00 PM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Sun: 7:45 AM EnglishEnglishEN 9:15 AM EnglishEnglishEN 11:15 AM EnglishEnglishEN 5:00 PM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Mon: 12:15 PM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Wed: 8:30 AM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Thu: 12:15 PM EnglishEnglishEN
  • Reconciliation

    SAT:  3:30-4:30 PM
    Also by appointment.

  • Morning Prayer

    TUE, THU:  7:30-8:00 AM

  • Contact US

    Office Hours:
    9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    P. 804.527.1037

  • Today's Readings

  • Word on Fire

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  • Protecting our children

  • Christmas Schedule

    Christmas Eve
    Saturday, December 24
    5:30, 7:30, 10:00 PM and Midnight
    Parking tips

    Christmas Day
    Sunday, December 25
    11:15 AM
    Feast of Mary, the Holy Mother of God
    Saturday, December 31
    Sunday, January 1, 2017
    7:45, 9:15, 11:15 AM and 5:00 PM

  • From the Pastor...


    Who put that big hole in our back yard?  Have you seen it yet?  They are digging for the new foundation of our “Lake House.”  We keep wishing it was already finished because we need the room!  But if we are patient – and the winter is not too severe (especially at the beginning) – we will be seeing the building rise from that hole and make a beautiful addition to our community life.

    Certainly, our youth ministry is “chomping at the bit” to enjoy some new digs.  The Knights are being patient as they are temporarily without their own home, but will enjoy a new space reserved for them.  The extra hall will allow us to do so many more things and the “Great Room” should give us a comfortable home for many ministries.  Our Human Concerns ministries will also have some space there.  And then there is the storage!!!

    In any case, I urge all of us to look at the construction site every now and then to note the progress.  And PLEASE continue paying on your pledges to the Living Our Mission.  Because of that campaign we are able to build this without any further capital campaign!!
    Thank you all!  And, oh yes!  Happy (Church) New Year as we continue in Advent and move toward Christmas.

    Peace and love,
    Fr. Dan