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  • Living Our Mission

    St. Michael is Living Our Mission!

    The parish has joined with the Diocese of Richmond to raise $3.3 miliion to support Diocesan endowment initiatives and to build a Community Center at St. Michael. Because we have been so successful in our early phases of fundraising, a decision was made to create a challenge goal of $4 million, which will allow us to build the Center without incurring any debt. We invite you to learn more about the campaign and to make a pledge. We encourage you to prayerfully support Living Our Mission.  Don't miss these upcoming events!

  • From the Pastor...

    “Let Joe Do It”

    How often have we heard that old adage? Just imagine what our world would be like if Jesus had said those very words to the Father! Sometimes in life we are presented with opportunities to make a great difference in our lives and the lives of others, yet we hesitate to meet the challenge and hope someone else will.  The Living Our Mission Campaign offers us an opportunity to change lives.  But if we are to change lives as Jesus challenges us to do, there may need to be some sacrifice on our part.
                Through Living Our Mission, each of us in this parish community can enhance our own faith life and the faith life of our fellow parishioners AND of Catholics throughout our Diocese. Your generosity will aid in building a gathering place – a place of welcome – to enhance ministry and deepen connections among parishioners and the community. This new community center, which you see imagined in the posters in the Commons, will be an 11,000 square foot home for the parish overlooking the small lake (on the site of the current house behind the church). 
    Living Our Mission will also support many important Diocesan-wide ministries such as Catholic education, reaching out to youth and college students, support of seminarians and retired priests and so many more efforts that affect Saint Michael and every other parish in our Diocese.
    To achieve these goals, we need your support. Your personal participation is the key!  Large parishes are often lucky to reach 25% participation. It is our hope that Saint Michael will surpass that level (our goal is 33%), continuing our tradition of being a unique parish!
                It is the sincere hope of our parish and campaign leadership that each of you will prayerfully discern your level of support and make your best sacrifice to our campaign, which is all we ask -- your best sacrifice based on your other obligations. Reaching, even exceeding our goal, will make it possible for us to energize the Body of Christ here in our parish and throughout our Diocese.

    Peace and Love,
    Fr. Dan