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  • Our Mission: 
    To be the presence of Christ…
    In Welcoming
    In Service
    In Worship
    In Compassion
    In Faith Sharing
    In Fellowship
    To be the Light of the World!

  •  Mass Times

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  • Reconciliation

    SAT:  3:30-4:30 PM
    Also by appointment.

  • Morning Prayer

    TUE, THU:  7:30-8:00 AM

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    Office Hours:
    9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    P. 804.527.1037

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  • Protecting our children

  • Funerals

    We will celebrate the life of Jessica Winn, daughter of longtime parishioners Brenda and Marshall Winn, on Saturday, January 21:
    • Visitation: 8:30 AM
    • Mass of Christian Burial: 9:30 AM
    • Reception: 10 AM

    Please keep the Winn Famiy in your prayers.


    ​​​​​​​We will celebrate the life of Rosemary May, mother of longtime parishioner Eric May, on Monday, January 23:
    • Visitation: 12 PM
    • Mass of Christian Burial: 1 PM
    • Reception: 2 PM

    Please keep the May Family in your prayers.
  • Building Relationships...

    In just a few weeks, our next group of pilgrims will be visiting Haiti and our friends at
    St. John the Baptist in Dos Palais (I usually spell it in the Haitian way – Dopale).  I was there in November, and, as always, it was a really great visit.  Indeed it feels like home now.  The people are so welcoming.

    We meet a lot of “mission” groups during our pilgrimage.  Often we are asked what we are going to build there.  Our answer usually makes them pause, because we answer, “We are going to Dopale to build relationships.” 

    We have not built a church for them.  We have not built a water system for them.  We have not built a school for them.  We have not built a clinic for them.  We have shared the resources we have that they do not, and they have done the rest. We have the funds that go such a long way in Haiti, and they provide the workers and even some of the materials.  When you watch half the town show up to manually fill a foundation with stone; when you watch a man hitting larger stones together until he is eventually sitting on a pile of gravel; when you see an army of people show up to move items into a new clinic; when you have parents thank you for the children having a good meal at least once a day at the school or for being able to get help at the clinic when their children are sick; when you see these things, you see how this is truly two communities – two “villages” – working together.

    This relationship is one that enriches us all. 
    Those who get the chance to go to Dopale see this clearly.  We hope to open up those trips to more and more people.  Think about joining one of the trips!  Meanwhile I am going to try to put some of the videos I have taken in Dopale onto our parish Facebook Page over the next few weeks.

    Peace and love,

    Fr. Dan