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    To be the presence of Christ…
    In Welcoming
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    To be the Light of the World!

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  • Reconciliation

    SAT:  3:30-4:30 PM
    Also by appointment.

  • Morning Prayer

    TUE, THU:  7:30-8:00 AM

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  • Weekly Message

    The Lord is Risen!!

    The entire Octave of Easter covers the eight days starting with Easter Sunday, running through the whole week, and including the Second Sunday of Easter.  Every one of these days is celebrated as Easter.  The Resurrection celebration is too wonderful to be contained in only one day!  Indeed, it echoes throughout the entire year at every Sunday celebration.

    Certainly the Resurrection of Jesus is more than can be understood in one single day of celebration.  For the early Church, the first experience was of the empty tomb.  That left them confused and incredulous at the earliest experiences of the Risen Lord.  This is why we always hear about “doubting” Thomas at the end of the Octave.

    Over the next weeks, the disciples came to deeper and deeper understanding of what was actually happening.  Again and again, Christ came to them and showed them the meaning of the Resurrection, especially for humanity!

    Let us open our hearts to this glorious gift from God!!

    Happy Easter!!

    Peace and love,                              
    Fr. Dan