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New parishioners are asked to attend an Orientation in the Day Chapel to receive information and registration forms. For more information, call the office, 527-1037.

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No Reconciliation on May 30

Because of the special First Eucharist liturgy on May 30, no confessions will be heard on Saturday.

Vacation Bible School

Join us for a week of fun, faith and adventure...July 13-17. Click here for more information or to register.

From The Pastor

            The Pope is coming to the U.S.!  By now we probably all have heard this.  It certainly IS exciting.  I know many have asked about going to see him while he is in D.C.  At this time, however, we don’t know much about his plans.  As of the writing of this letter, nothing has been set as far as I know (this is Tuesday, May 12th).  I am sure that we WILL hear something when the plans are revealed and I hope some of us may be able to go see him.

            By now I’m sure most of you know that I am a fan!  I love this Pope’s pastoral approach to issues.  I see him seeking to conserve the Gospel message and the work of Jesus in bringing the Good News to those who might think it is not a message meant for them.  He proclaims a message of inclusion, not exclusion; of love, not indifference; of mercy, not judgment; of hope, not despair.  Check out the site, romereports.com, or use the link on our home page to hear more about him!

            And this weekend please think of how you can share your charisms with our community.  Together we can proclaim the Good News to a world that needs it desperately.  In word and deed let us join the Holy Father in working for the kingdom of God and of Jesus Christ, our Lord, our savior and our brother!!


Peace & Love,
Fr. Dan

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