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New parishioners are asked to attend an Orientation in the Day Chapel to receive information and registration forms. For more information, call the office, 527-1037.

Parish News

Thanksgiving Day

Mass will be celebrated on Thanksgiving Day at 10:00 AM.

Setup/Maintenance Position at St. Michael

St. Michael Catholic Church is seeking candidates for a setup and maintenance position. This person will be responsible for room setups and routine maintenance at the church. This is a 30 hour per week position with benefits. Please review the position description, and if you are interested, follow the application directions in the description.

Breakfast with St. Nicholas

Teens: Help Volunteer at Breakfast with St. Nicholas!

We are looking for your help with serving at the breakfast and helping our little ones in St. Nick's Workshop! Sign Up Today!

From The Pastor

In terms of church and our faith, stewardship is the practice of giving back to God some of what God has given us.  We traditionally speak of that in terms of the “three T’s” – Time, Talent and Treasure.

If there is anything in our life that is most obviously a gift from God it is time.  We can convince ourselves that we have treasure because we have worked hard and we deserve it.  We may hone our talents like great athletes and convince ourselves that we have developed those talents.  But none of us can ever claim to create time, we can only strive to use it better.

Sooooo!  How do I manage this most precious of gifts from God?  That’s the challenge we face.  All too often we have little enough control of how our time is used.  People and events often whittle away at our time until we wonder where it went.  And there is no way to get it back!!!

Being deliberate and intentional is especially necessary in giving back some of our time to God.  We are at the end of the Church year and next weekend our new year begins.  I challenge all of us to make a “New Year’s Resolution” at the beginning of the Church year: to more intentionally give time to our relationship with God – through prayer and devotions; through using some of that time to know ourselves better; through fellowship and family.

Think on it!


Peace & Love,
Fr. Dan

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